Trip to Slovenia

Trip to Slovenia


On 17.03.2017, we started our trip to deliver 8 angus heifers to Posestvo Bajer farm in Slovenia. Our trip was good and animals held up well.

On Saturday we arrived to Posesto Bajer farm and after we take off the animals, Janja Mlakar led us to our hostel. After a quick shower we stared to drive to Ljubljana for dinner. Half way me made a stop in Andrej’s angus farm, where half of the animals belong to Bernard. We also saw animals we sent to Slovenia last year. In Ljubljana Bernard and Janja booked a table in Monstera restaurant which is one of the finest in Ljubljana. There we had 8 course dinner. It was super! After dinner we took a nice walk in the Ljubljana old town and soon started driving back to hostel.

On Sunday we had a proper tour in Bernard and Janja’s farm, besides angus there are swans, pigs, hens and first Wagyu bull on Slovenia. After a fantastic lunch, we started driving back to Estonia.

We were very pleased with our trip. It was good to see last year’s animals and new owners are very pleased. The angus pasture were a little bit scary for us but our animals are doing well – no one has ever limped. Bernard said that Angus is getting more popular in Slovenia, now there is about 700 angus in Slovenia and farmers are very interested in angus. Autumn  2017, Slovenia should start angus herdbook. Untill now, most of the angus is bought from Denmark and mostly CAN genetics. Bernard belives, that he has the best genetics in Slovenia.

Besides angus there are simmental, charolais and limosine beef cattle, which are more popular there. Currently there are about 500 000 cattle in Slovenia.

In grazing season, Bernard’s animals are on the hillsides and near forests, 900m above the sea. Wintertime, cattle are close to farm and main feed is hay or silage. They don’t feed any grain. Slovenia is interested in grassfeed and good health angus – our cooperation will continue.