Saareõue angus

Saareõue OÜ was started in 2011, but anguses have been in the farm since 2006. Our first angus breeding bull Voldemar, was bought from Estonia. Voldemar is 11 years old and still working. We have added new and exiting lines into our herd every year since 2012. Saareõue OÜ is a small family business. There are two people working in the farm daily and summertime there are 3-4 workers. We have about 200 animals and 500ha land, of which 250ha is purely for pasture and silo/hay purposes.  Most of our pastures are on the seaside. Our farm is located in Pärnumaa, Häädemeeste – near Latvian border.

We have old Russian dairy farm buildings – 3 cattle shed’s and 2 barn’s. Today, two of the cattle shed’s are renovated for beef cattle.

Our anguses are bred organically. We don’t give them any grain or other extra feeds – only hay and silage. We breed “traditional” type angus, who have mostly New Zealand, Australian and Scottish lines. Animals who are not suitable for breeding will go to slaughtery house about 16-18 month’s.

In our herd, the most important thing is temperament – you can’t work with animal, who is dangerous to you. Animals, who have bad personality are not productive and they have a bad effect for the welfare of the herd. Females have to have good temperament, produvtivity, easy calving and good milking. Of course, dam has to have good looking aswell. Our females weight about 600-700kg and they produce calves, who’s weaning weights are 50% of the dam’s weight. From bull’s we expect good personality, strong health and good performance.

Our main goal is to offer a healthy and good breeding animals to breeders and organic, grassfed beef for cosumers.