Bulls for breeding

Utac Outlier av Yxskaftkälen ET

  • Date of birth: 24. February 2015
  • Father: Matauri Outlier F031
  • Mother: Fossil Creek Pride 53-06
  • Father of father: Matauri Reality 839
  • Mother of father: LT Bando 9074
Utac Outlier av Yxskaftkälen is for SALE! e-mail: info@saareoue.ee   Utac is ET bull, who is brouht from Yxskaftkälen farm in 2015. He is very calm and has a perfect temperament. Utac has a nice long body and a bit higher legs, than our other breeding bull's. He started working in our farm in 2016 spring.

Tyson Radar av Yxskaftkälen 782

  • Date of birth: 10. February 2014
  • Father: Netherton Mr Radar 527
  • Mother: Ritva av Yxskaftkälen 065
  • Father of father: Dylemma radar 42
  • Mother of father: Dunlouise Evesund 069
TYSON RADAR  - SOLD! Tyson Radar av Yxskaftkälen worked in our farm in 2015-2018 and now he will start working in two angus farms in Germany. New owner Dietz said that Tyson is moderate size bull with good muscling. He will suit to their farm and environment very well. Tyson will start working allready in december 2018. We wish good luck and all the best to the new owners!   Tyson Radar is brought from Swedish breeding cattle Yxskaftkälen in 2014. Tyson has a very impressive family tree, starting with father Netherton mr Radar from Netherton farm, Scotland. By now this bull is sold with undisclosed price to Genus Breeding LTD. The grandfather Dunlouise Evesund from mother side of the family tree is also Scottish, originating from Dunlouise cattle. Dunlouise Evesund is 100% original Scottish Angus.